Kimberly Clark

Health Savings Account (HSA)

No matter which plan option you choose — Blue or Green — K-C contributes money to your HSA that you can use to pay for care today, or save for health care down the road. You can also contribute money to your HSA.

K-C's HSA Contribution*

If you’re enrolled in the Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) Blue or Green with HSA as of January 1, K-C gives you:

  • $700 in your HSA for Individual coverage,
  • $1,400 for 2-Party, and
  • $1,400 for 2-Party Plus.

*If you enroll in the CDHP Blue or Green with HSA after January 1, K-C’s contribution is prorated.

Your HSA Contribution

You can also make your own contributions to your HSA, tax free, up to the IRS limits. The HSA contribution limit for 2021 is $3,600 for individuals and $7,200 for a family. The IRS limits include both your and K-C's HSA contributions. Also, if you're 55 years or older, you can contribute an additional $1,000 per year.

Contributing to your account is easy and it’s tax-free. That means contributions come out of your paycheck before taxes are taken out, which lowers your taxable income and helps you save money for future health care expenses. And, when you spend those dollars on health care, they come out tax-free too.

You have total control over how much goes in and out of this account. You set the amount and can change the contribution at any time before November 2 at K-C Benefit Compass. You can even go to ConnectYourCare and make additional contributions to your HSA from your personal bank account. Just remember the IRS limits.

Note: Contributions and earnings are subject to state (and local where applicable) income tax in California and New Jersey. Consult with your tax advisor to learn more.

Using the Money in Your Account

When you enroll in the CDHP Blue or Green, an HSA will be opened with UMB Bank (UMB). Our HSA administrator, ConnectYourCare offers online tools and information to help you manage your account.

You can also pay for eligible expenses in two ways:

  1. With your ConnectYourCare payment card, or
  2. Through ConnectYourCare’s website or mobile app

For tools and information to help you manage your account, contact ConnectYourCare by:

  • Visiting ConnectYourCare,
  • Calling 844-594-1228, or
  • Using their mobile app for smartphones.


Get an Advance with HSA On Demand

In the CDHP Blue or Green with HSA, if you're an active employee who has elected to contribute to your HSA, you can access your future contributions early with HSA On Demand. This way, you have the money you need to cover eligible expenses before the funds are actually deducted from your paycheck and deposited to your HSA, up to your current HSA annual election (your annual contribution + K-C’s contribution).

If you use HSA On Demand, your future HSA payroll deductions will automatically repay the advanced amount. If you reduce your payroll deductions or leave K-C before fully repaying the balance owed, you'll receive a notice from K-C and be required to repay the amount due.

Note: HSA On Demand funds are based on your election to make the contributions to your HSA for your personal tax purposes and are not a loan, additional contribution, or extension of credit by K-C. When you elected to contribute to your HSA, you agreed to make the annual contribution amount regardless of your employment status. Separated employees are required to pay such contributions to their HSA for funds previously used under On Demand and represent to the IRS in their tax return that such contributions have been made. K-C will utilize all recourse available to recover On Demand funds for which payment is not made.


What Happened to My FSA Rollover?

Any funds, up to the $550 IRS rollover limit, will automatically be transferred to a Limited Use FSA at year end. Those dollars can be used to help cover out-of-pocket costs for dental and vision expenses in the following year.

Submitting Claims

Just remember to use any funds in your 2021 Limited Use FSA over the $550 IRS FSA rollover limit before December 31, 2021. Then, be sure to submit all claims to ConnectYourCare by March 31, 2022. Use ConnectYourCare’s mobile app or go to ConnectYourCare for details or to submit claims. Call ConnectYourCare 24/7, 365 at 844-594-1228 if you need help.

How Other Coverage Outside of K-C Impacts HSA Eligibility

If you’re enrolled in TRICARE, Medicare, or a non-high deductible health plan outside of K-C, the IRS specifies that you cannot contribute to or receive company contributions into an HSA. There are also special eligibility considerations for Veterans Administration benefits. If you're ineligible for an HSA, you'll be offered a CDHP with Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) that meet IRS restrictions. Click here to learn more about HSA eligibility.


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If you are an organized hourly employee covered by these plans, see your HR representative or other person designated at your unit for information on how your plan(s) may differ from the information on this site. You may also call the Benefits Information Line at 800-551-2333. Empyrean representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and Fidelity representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET. From outside the U.S., dial your country’s toll-free AT&T Direct Access number then enter 800-551-2333.